RESOURCEFULNESS and A ‘Gutsy’ Girl I Met From Mumbai


RESOURCEFULNESS and A ‘Gutsy’ Girl I Met From Mumbai   I remember a few years ago when I visited Mumbai. My partner and I were absorbing all of the wonderful sights and sounds and smells which were all pretty intense. And as we made our way around the city trying to take it all in […]

BUSINESS GROWTH TIPS ON STEROIDS (not really) : But My 2 Secrets 2 Unlimited Success Are….


BUSINESS GROWTH TIPS And My 2 Secrets TO Unlimited Success Are….   Drum roll please ////////////////////////////////// CYMBAL CRASH………… And now….. announcing and presenting a feature presentation thingy…..READY??? 1) ACTING INSPITE OF EMOTION 2) CREATING AND FOCUSING ON THE RELATIONSHIP NOT THE SALE I know – it sounds kinda boring and simple doesn’t it. Sure.. but […]

Google Sniper 3.0

Relationships With Your Customers

Building Relationships with Your Customers: Do They Give A S*** About You?

Relationships With Your Customers

Relationships with Your Customers:   Here’s a Little Video About How I Have Been Able To Grow My Coaching Business and How You Can DO The Same To Be Contiunally Building Relationships with Your Customers I mean really? How Much Does it matter? Well, you at least want to be able to be trusted […]



Forex Trading The Need To Know Some Of The Facts Before You Jump In With Both Feet! Have You Heard About Forex Trading With Currency Before? It Stands For Foreign Currency Trading. You may have heard about it but you need to really understand and master this just like any other major online skill before […]

Communication in business

Communication In Business: And A Close Shave At The Turkish Cut Throat Barbers

Communication In Business

Communication In Business I expect that you probably know by now that..everything that is effective has a strong message. Whether in business or in a personal relationship we all need to get across our messages in order to be heard and to survive. This is no different in the small business area – in fact […]