How I Created A Purpose Driven Life! 12

A Purpose Driven Life!

A Purpose Driven Life

How To Create A Purpose Driven Life: A Book That Has Helped Me To Get Clear. I read the book ‘A Purpose Driven Life’ By Pastor Rick Warren really inspired my heart to find the deeper meaning of WHY I AM HERE. It was a powerful read and showed me the importance of making a difference in people’s lives.

When you get clear on what it is that you REALLY LOVE then you will never work again!!

Wow this is a biggy! What an understatement that is.

Many years ago I discovered self development and success based books. I found the information very useful and it began changing my life. At the time I really needed this and I hate saying need but I did! Why though? I went through a very tough period of life and it just so happened that alot of this stuff made sense to me.

I still continue to learn every day WHICH I FEEL IS ESSENTIAL TO GROWTH and I will never stop learning as I love it. So what does this have to do with living a life of purpose though? It has SO MUCH to do with this because getting focused and clear on why you are here is at the core of all development.

A Purpose Driven Life: What Is Your Why?



1> Find out What It is that you are really great at?
2> Think about a way you can monetize what it is that you are great at.
3> Really Get Clear On What It is That People Say ‘you’ Are Very Good At.
4> What did you enjoy most as a kid?
5> What Are You Passionate About.
6> Look At Many Ways That You Can Work Using Your Passion.
7> Find the right set of tools and resources to help you get there, it could be people?
8> Start Planning ways to start making progress. Re-fine your plans and define them.
9> Think Of Others! What Can You Do To Make Their life easier.
10>Take the pain out of people’s lives BE THE SOLUTION MAYBE?.

A Purpose Driven Life: Here Is My Story In Brief And What You Can Do To Start Getting Exposure To Yourself and Your Passion.

Going through this process in life I began discovering How To Create A Purpose Driven Life and that I was on a journey of true self discovery. Being in a situation where things were really tough got me finding strength through the books and audio’s. After around 5 years or so of learning and applying what I have learned I came across a book entitled ‘The Purpose Driven Life’ By Rick Warren. As I mentioned before finding this book changed my outlook and what to focus on.
I Knew There Was Something Out There That Was Right For Me!
How To Create A Purpose Driven Life

A Purpose Driven Life: This book alongside what I had already learned up to then was helping me to GET REALLY CLEAR. Getting clear on ‘why’ I am here IF THERE IS A REASON? What is my purpose? I already knew that I was good at drawing, drumming and making music. Also I already knew that I loved to help others and making a difference in people’s lives. So how was I going to apply this ‘my purpose‘ to my life and business?



It was tough man I can tell ya! I tried literally everything, like Herbalife other MLM companies, network marketing companies, being self employed and various other companies but, what I found was that there was a strong PROMOTION and ‘SELLING’ emphasis in these companies and I hate selling so really I was struggling to apply ‘my purpose‘ with the RIGHT COMPANY.

I Spent Over $50k Learning All Of These Things To Where Now I Am An Expert!

FOR A WHILE I Felt As Though I Was In A Prison I Was Lost!

Why was it that I kept failing? Why? I was feeling sorry for myself alot and getting cranky with my girlfriend I felt like a LOSER and everyone else did aswell I THINK lol! I was so stressed that I was getting anxiety and anger to the highest level and I was stuck in my own home feeling like I was in prison. This was not good! SOMETHING HAD TO CHANGE!

You See, What Was Frustrating Is That I KNEW I HAD TO FIND MY PURPOSE BUT IT WAS TAKING SO LONG FOR ME TO KNOW ‘How To Create A Purpose Driven Life’! I was getting closer everyday though!:)

A Purpose Driven Life!

A Purpose Driven Life!: I KEPT MOVING FORWARD!

NOTICE I SAID THAT I KEPT ON SEARCHING: I cannot possibly share in words what I felt at that time except that I knew in my heart somewhere was the right THING FOR ME. After 5 years of ups and downs and ready to quit I stumbled across an advert on Facebook. There was something different here though. Believe me I had seen enough “SO CALLED OPPORTUNITES’ out there and I was VERY SCEPTICAL, but here was a humble woman who was a top earner in a direct selling company. Hmmmm, so I clicked on it feeling curious.



A Purpose Driven Life!

EVERYTHING BEGAN TO CHANGE WHEN I MET AN ONLINE LEADER. I am not going to explain it all now but I found the answer which was becoming an ONLINE MARKETER AND PERSONAL COACH. After all the years of struggle I had my prayers answered.

Now I work with many leaders and experts all thanks to ME NEVER GIVING UP. I KNEW I WAS ON THE RIGHT TRACK I JUST NEEDED TO KEEP CLEAR.

I am now able to help people all over the world to get out of stress and failure or a job and into a successful online business. I also coach people 1 on 1 and write powerful books. ISN”T THAT GREAT! My purpose is ALIVE.

How To Create A Purpose Driven Life!

How To Create A Purpose Driven Life!: Me And Lisa Enjoying Another Holiday In Italy!

HOW TO BECOME A SUCCESS: I am now a global leader and mentor. I have dedicated my life to assisting others get success. I am committed to others and this is ‘WHY’ I am now so successful AS I AM LIVING WITH MY PURPOSE. You can be aswell.


Just Remember This: You must first find your purpose on this planet and then when YOU DO YOU CAN create a plan to get you there. You will need the right tools or systems to help you get there just as I did. What you may love to do might be ‘staring you in the face’ RIGHT NOW OR it could take some time and research. YOU WILL GET THERE WHEN YOU ARE HONEST ABOUT YOUR PASSIONS AS YOUR PURPOSE IS NESTLED INSIDE OF THEM.

Listen I Hope That You Enjoyed ‘How To Create A Purpose Driven Life!’ If You Want Help To Learning More About Your Purpose Feel Free To Contact Me! OR GET MY BOOK!:)

A Purpose Driven Life!

A Purpose Driven Life!: I have create this book to help you find your purpose in life! Love, Passion And Purpose Is Already Helping Many People To Change Their Lives. CLICK ON THE IMAGE TO BUY IT NOW FROM AMAZON AND LIVE WITH PURPOSE.

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