Creating Digital Products: Get Paid For Your Ideas And Information! 6

Creating Digital Products

Creating Digital Products

Creating Digital Products is the obvious way forward to not only share your passion and make a difference to others but to also position yourself as the main authority on that given subject.

Creating and promoting your own product is not a simple process many think but, really it is possible and well worth exploring and learning about.


How Easy Is It Though?

It can be easy when you ‘know how’ but for most people, just being ‘known’ would be a great starting point.

It works both ways really as you can either BUILD UP YOUR BRAND and EXPOSE YOUR EXPERTESE TO THE WORLD or can RELEASE AN AWESOME PRODUCT FIRST and get RECOGNITION for it? Choice is yours but it is worth knowing your subject before you start Creating Digital Products that are USELESS and NOT BRINGING VALUE. This is where it’s worth being an authority on YOUR SUBJECT!

You have to know how to bring the value when Creating Digital Products in order to get paid!


What Are You Going To Do This Year?

Now, I don’t know what you love to talk about and share but one thing’s for certain, there is probably some kind of need for that information in the world. It’s just about who gets there first with their UNIQUE SELLING POINT or, HUGE EXPOSURE WHEN LAUNCHING a PRODUCT!

The sheer fact that I am sharing this information shows you how you can share an information product yourself and start Creating Digital Products which have amazing value inside. This means that for me I can charge alot of money for my coaching and training to reveal the knowledge and information that people want.

See what I mean there?

So you have to be giving or sharing your professional advice on a great tool or a system maybe? Or even your findings on something.


Are You Ready To Be Creating Digital Products Online?

You do not need to be techy or super spanky with certain software to being this. FOR FREE you can go to Youtube to get videos on how to create products I go there all the time. You can also outsource what you don’t know or pay someone to create an awesome product depending on your budget of course. Personally I like to see how things work so I learn it myself even though I am not a techy guy in any way. Seacrh also on Google for experts in the area you wish to produce a product and see what they charge.

Trust Me, People Are Going To Pay For What You Have If It Is USEFUL and improves their life in some way!

What are you doing in your marketing now that is TELLING PEOPLE WHAT YOU ARE ABOUT? What area is your PRIMARY AREA? Then decide if you want to create your own information product firstly OR build your BRAND AROUND YOUR KNOWLEDGE and EXPERTISE through content marketing and professional exposure! UP TO YOU?


What Are You Creating Now?

The World Is Based On Ideas!

Everything that you have ever seen or heard or felt has been an idea once. SO you just have to know what ideas you are prepared to promote as a part of information product an your strategy.


Where Do You Begin With Something Like This?

Well think about it, we are all using Facebook, Twitter and Youtube so how about creating an information product or some content to help others in these areas?

How about teaching or showing people HOW TO USE OR MAKE Video’s? Are you a good writer? Then why not write a blog post, a squidoo lense or an article relating to your NICHE? You don’t have to CREATE AN information product as long as your are IN SOME WAY BUILDING YOUR BRAND and LIST OF CUSTOMERS. HOWEVER This is why a GREAT PRODUCT LAUNCH works so well as you are LEADING WITH VALUE and making A HIT VERY FAST TO CREATE EXPOSURE. PLUS COOL INCOME when YOU LAUNCH not to mention BUILDING A HUGE LIST of subscribers WHO NOW TRUST YOU.

Have you ever considered creating a website like a dating site or maybe a Networking site? This can be HUGE as people would pay you A MONTHLY FEE to BE A MEMBER. This is using your ideas to create a MEMBERSHIP SITE. You are PROVIDING A SERVICE NEED!


GO Create!

I am a firm believer in the fact that you have to CREATE AND SHARE WHAT YOU ARE PASSIONATE ABOUT regardless of the type of PRODUCT that you are creating.

You must be able to see your information product as A PART OF YOU or AN EXTENSION OF YOUR ABILITIES. It is about GIVING A SLICE OF YOU if you like! The more that the information product SHOWS HOW YOU ARE EXPRESSING YOUR CONCERN FOR WHAT’S MISSING IN THE MARKET the more RESPECT and FOLLOWERS you will get.

SO you are:

> Producing a NEW ANGLE on something
> Creating A Solution Using Your Skills
> Providing an Information product that is WHAT THE PEOPLE WANT
> Sharing Your Passion through the product/content
> Positioning Yourself as The authority figure In THIS NICHE
> Exposing Your Brand For Future PRODUCT SALES
> Building a List of customers to create a relationship with
> Branding Yourself


Are You Out There?



Getting Started!

Where ever you begin with this bear in mind that you will want to network and ask questions from people to find out what their needs are. Where there is a COMPLAINER there is an OPPORTUNITY FOR YOU. CAPICHE?

ALWAYS Look For Opportunities everywhere in YOUR FIELD!


Ever thought about writing a book? It doesn’t have to an information product!

Writing a book nowadays is not unrealistic. Many people are using their imaginations to create and place a new take on an old subject. We are livng in a very creative world now where making a product can be done quite easily. You could create a factual book based on your expertese OR write a fable based on sound principles maybe?

Creating Digital Products

Either way you can certainly go create. Perhaps you are better on video and want to show your skills by making vids? You choose what medium you use but many people are using YouTube and getting huge advertising deals and contracts just by sharing their stuff on the YouTube network. Create an e-book and get it published on Kindle. It is simple to do also.

Possibilities Now Are Endless!

Maybe you would like to understand the method of Creating Digital Products a little better? I always research these things and have found a guy called Ryan Deiss to be the guy to learn from best here. This guy is already a great success online and now is looking to the future where most others are stuck in the present. You have to understand that innovators are the best creators. Think outside the box and look for trends in the market place and where things are headed tomorrow!


First step would be to gain an internet prescence and start Creating Digital Products?

There is fierce competition out there in the world I know BUT It is becoming a melting pot of creative thought and innovation so make sure that you STAND OUT FROM THE CROWD! Be different a little!

Creating Digital Products

Good Luck With Creating Digital Products!:)



Author of 16 ebooks on Personal Success, Passion and Small Business and Coach to Global Clients Greg has been helping people for over a decade to change their lives. Whether it is an Online or Offline Small business, Improving Relationships or Life changes Greg will help you.

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Author of 16 ebooks on Personal Success, Passion and Small Business and Coach to Global Clients Greg has been helping people for over a decade to change their lives. Whether it is an Online or Offline Small business, Improving Relationships or Life changes Greg will help you.

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