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Free Traffic Generation

Want Master Free Traffic Generation?

Free Traffic Generation And A cool paid method too!

Without Traffic There Is No Online Business! PERIOD! So how ever hard you work on your business you are not going to get the profits you need unless you master Free Traffic Generation.

So What Are You Doing TO Get Traffic?

Keeping things simple here, there are really 2 kinds of Traffic Generation, PAID OR FREE! It’s that simple! But is getting the right Traffic as simple as it seems?

Free Traffic Generation

Free Traffic Generation Allows Me To Chill More Often, BY THE WAY THAT’S NOT ME IN THE PICTURE BUT YOU GET WHAT I MEAN:)!


Now, You Can Pay For Traffic!

This all depends on if you have alot of money and you are able to do tweaks to your efforts. Tracking your advertising is absolutely essential to GETTING IT RIGHT. Otherwise you are simply going tobe throwing money down the drain. TRUST ME I HAVE BEEN THERE. If you try and create shortcuts to doing this properly you will fail. So tracking of your marketing is the cornerstone to online mastery. Once you begin to master the process of Free Traffic Generation and paid also you will then be able to apply the powerful traffic strategies to many things.

I didn’t have much money to start out with though so I decided to teach myself how things worked. I used a combination of paid and free traffic generation strategies to promote what I had to offer. After now 8 years of online experience I only use FREE traffic generation.


Well, I am now skilled enough to create huge traffic to anything that I promote. It takes time and knowledge but it is well worth it for me to save time and money and not to mention it makes me WORTH MORE! So basicly I can teach the art of free traffic generation. SWEET HUH!

Free Traffic Generation

You Want Quality Free Traffic Generation


The Quick Fix??

Sometimes we just need result FAST! I know that! Sometimes you have to get in front of huge audiences with your offer. You have to TARGET the right people for your goods/services of course. So, whatever Niche you are in you want to APPEAL TO THAT CROWD and to be THE MOST SEARCHED FOR authority on that niche. IF YOU CAN! So, paid traffic is sometimes simply a no brainer. But, when you are seeking to become and expert in your field you want to also be found by using your ORGANIC TRAFFIC SKILLS. So, by creating content like this you will be more RESPECTED IN THE LONG RUN and when you are MORE RESPECTED guess what happens? YOU GET MORE SUSTAINABLE LONGTERM BUSINESS as all professionals do. So yes paid traffic sometimes is KEY TO SALES IN THE NOW also it is very convenient but never forget the power of AUTHORITY.

This is where your skills will PAY YOU!

I have used paid traffic many times and have loved the instantanious results from doing so, but I have never negated free traffic generation for the obvious reasons that I have mentioned. I have used….

Free Traffic Generation

We All Want To Learn Free Traffic Generation

> Google PPC
> Facebook PPC
> You Tube PPC
> Ezine Solo Ads
> Other Solo Ads
> Ads in ezines like major named magazines
> Directories
> Other people’s Lists

And many other types of paid traffic. But I would say again, these are INSTANT! They do now show A TRANSPARENT PROFESSIONALISM AS YOU REQUIRE AS AN EXPERT ONLINE. So the benefits of free traffic are really as follows


So, you can see that it is very powerful and rewarding.


So do I Use JUST FREE TRAFFIC Generation?

The Answer is NO! Here’s How I Got Onto Google In 5 Minutes In 3rd Place!

Free Traffic Generation

You Can Relax And Do This When You Have Free Traffic Generation Skills

Basicly as I have stated I have used both free and paid traffic to get leads and sales. I do use S.E.O tools (search Engine Optimisation) tools to get my sites and products selling quickly, however one must be prepared to spend alot of money on this to get optimum results. The idea here is to attract targeted traffic so the right people to your OFFERS! After all you don’t want to just get tons of visitors who are not interested in what you have. THAT WOULD BE A TOTAL AND COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY!

So, in short you may wan to combine both Free Traffic Generation and paid to get the best results. The reason for this post is that I can share what I do so that you too can start to use these methods RIGHT AWAY at NO COST and this is regardless of anything else that you do. BUT ALSO SOME AWESOME PAID METHODS!


Free Traffic Generation Is Something I love But Let Me Share Something Else That I Love : Enter Traffic Geyser!

One of the best ways to get paid traffic but at low cost is using something called Traffic Geyser. Npow, you may have heard of these guys before and even perhaps used them? I am just sharing what has worked for me!:) With Traffic Geyser you are getting the main experts in the traffic industry for a very reasonable cost. Pretty cool I think!

The Great Thing With Traffic Geyser Is That My Buddies Over There Are Going To Give You 4 FREE GIFTS just for checking it out! You had may aswell grab your 4 FREE GIFTS whatever you choose to do!:)

Free Traffic Generation

Traffic Geyser Creates More Online Income!

IMPORTANT: Now I Advice That You Do What You Feel You Can Afford Both Money Wise And Time Wise And This Is Common Sense But I Like To Throw In Some Of My Secret Weapons From Time To Time Also!:)


Free Traffic Generation: Other tactics that can cost you $0 PAY CLOSE ATTENTION!!!

> Guest Blogging
> Using Free S.E.O tactics in your posts
> Asking people to give you comments
> Using Social Media like Facebook, Linked In and Twitter to share blog posts
> Join blogging sites where you can share your content
> Give away free stuff and prizes to people to drive more traffic to your blog/list
> Have competitions to build up a frenzy around your products
> Make You Tube videos an articles to drive traffic to your blog
> Free press releases

Lets look at 2 of the Free Traffic Generation Tactics I use with great power!

1) Making Youtube Videos. It’s Free Traffic Generation, and you just create a 2 minute video which you can create with tons of value and this will direct back to your blog which is a totally simple way to get targeted free traffic. Ensure you use keywords to be found. Use a keyword rich title and keep the video quite short and to the point. If you can TEACH SOMETHING THEN TEACH IT.

2) Writing Articles. Again it’s Free Traffic Generation and you will be driving traffic to your blog. You create an article with keywords in each paragraph and this will make it easy to find on search engines and the articles must lead to something else so that once your reader has finished reading it they will want to click onto your blog link. Make sure that your article title is keyword rich and relevant to your content also.


I Really Hope That Free Traffic Generation Has Helped You And Even Though I Have Included A Paid Powerful Source Which I Recommend I Have No Doubt That You Are Armed With Some Great Techniques Which Have Also Worked Very Well For Me! Please Feel Free To Comment Below About This Free Traffic Generation Post As I Would Love To Hear From You!:)


Free Traffic Generation

Free Traffic Generation Allows Me To Take More Holidays!:)

Author of 16 ebooks on Personal Success, Passion and Small Business and Coach to Global Clients Greg has been helping people for over a decade to change their lives. Whether it is an Online or Offline Small business, Improving Relationships or Life changes Greg will help you.

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Author of 16 ebooks on Personal Success, Passion and Small Business and Coach to Global Clients Greg has been helping people for over a decade to change their lives. Whether it is an Online or Offline Small business, Improving Relationships or Life changes Greg will help you.

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  • Adrew Jones

    great post…. my fast ways to get traffic are: Paid Advertising – PPC, Banner Ads, etc, Guest Blogging, Forum Marketing – eg. Creating a WSO, Blog Commenting – Making good comments, Traffic Exchanges, Question and Answer Sites – Especially Yahoo Answers, Social Bookmarking – If your content matches their popular topics