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Greg De Tisi

Greg De Tisi

An Introduction To Greg De Tisi

Hi!  I am Greg De Tisi and I live in Bristol, United Kingdom. I love the city.  I am passionate about helping others to fulfill their dreams through Internet marketing Strategies and Self Development Principles.  I love creating solutions to problems and help others to create their own dream lifestyle.  I serve from my heart and give value where I can.  I also love to travel the globe and learn about other cultures.  I am passionate about producing music also.  

The Reason I Made This Blog is For You and For Your Success. I Am Committed To Your Online Success and I Will Assist You Every Step Of The Way.

What Led Greg De Tisi To Help Others?

It Wasn’t always gravy for me though BUT SUCCESS IS NEVER EASY IT TAKES WORK!!

I came from quite a poor family (whatever that is nowdays!:) My biological father left before me and my twin brother were born and my mother raised 5 kids by herself for the most part. We did have a father figure when we were young who taught us many great things and he sadly passed away a few years back just after he retired and I was devistated. I respect my mother AND HOW TOUGH IT MUST HAVE BEEN! Even though it was tough for my mother she was always known as ‘Auntie Jackie’ to people because everyone turned to her with their problems. She helped many people overcome personal issues. I LOVED THIS!

Greg De Tisi

I learned A GREAT DEAL from my mother and I noticed how her loving compassion served others. IT MATTERED TO ME TO BE LIKE THAT.

I recently found out also that my biological father was an alcaholic and died recently at just 57 years of age. I WAS UPSET AND SHOCKED AS I THOUGHT WHAT A WASTE OF LIFE! I wish I could have done something to help but I didn’t know how to!

We all have things to live with and overcome of course and I learned from others around me whom I respected but my mother mainly.

‘I think that life is for TRULY living and this is why I dedicated my life to helping others to find their passions and create personal success!’

When I hit my teen years I was very aware of the importance of HELPING OTHERS, but I had some issues to deal with still myself and started partying and having fun to escape problems and just well be a teenager. The problem was that I got into drugs and drink alot. I passed my Art and Design National Diploma just. After 3 years in Higher Education Art College in York I dropped out as my girlfriend at that time became pregnant. This was all before I was 19. I supported her in every way even though we were no longer a couple.

What Was Greg De Tisi to do next? Well I went back to continue with my life back in Bristol.

Throughout my twenties I carried on with the partying and really going from job to job with no real prospects. I WAS FEELING QUITE DELFATED and kind of empty! I didn’t know what to do?

I Became Concerned About My Lifestyle And Future!


Well, I became more concerned about what I was going to do? I HAD TO ASK MYSELF Greg De Tisi WHAT AM I GOOD AT? SO I GOT CLEAR!

I knew that I was good at drawing, drumming and ‘communicating’ with people and ‘helping people’. I also knew that I was compassionate and giving, so I kept on thinking how I could use this in life and in a job. I wasn’t going to become an overnight ROCKSTAR EASILY so I spent alot of time ‘selling’ in Call Centres and talking to people. I Became pretty great on the phone so I knew that I could use this skill one day maybe?

So I was Good At…
> Drumming:)
> Art
> Talking To People
> Being Compassionate
> Helping Others

Greg De Tisi

MmmmmmmmmmmmM OK What Was Greg De Tisi To Do!

I thought of ways to encompass some of these but, unless I wanted to go back college I wasn’t sure?

Where Was Greg De Tisi Going From Here?

I Hit 30 and I went self employed and I worked with my brother and I did this for a couple of years. We tried but this didn’t really go too well. It was great experience and learning curve though. After this I joined a network marketing business. I had to get out of the crummy jobs AS THERE WERE NO REAL PROSPECTS in working for others! I wanted to make a difference and serve others some how, so wanted to take the Networking Gig further. I joined several Network Marketing and Mlm Opportunites To Learn About The ‘Business Models’ and this all helped me to DISCOVER and GROW, NOW I was beginning to ‘understand what I was REALLY passionate about’.

IMPORTANT: I Read Empowering Books and listened to audios and still do today to learn and to get focused. I started to follow great leaders and implement the principles I was learning. I STARTED GROWING MENTALLY, EMOTIONALLY AND SPIRITUALLY ALSO.

At 34 I had spent well over $50k+ learning from the best in Coaching, Online Marketing, and Self Development industries. As I speak NOW At 38 I am considered to be a ‘Leading expert In Personal Coaching and Online Marketing’ and I am an Author with 5 books on Amazon so far!:)

THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT: I didn’t let my past determine my future! DO YOU? YOUR PAST DOES NOT EQUAL YOUR FUTURE! Quite the opposite. I USED MY PAST TO IMPROVE MYSELF AND MY FUTURE SO YOU CAN ASWELL! Why Not Start Making Changes Now?

This Is Your friend and partner in success,
Greg De Tisi

Greg De Tisi
Greg De Tisi Wants You To Be The Next Online Success Student (Click On His 1 ON 1 Coaching Tab To Learn More!)

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